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Winter Sports

Snowshoes and Cross-Country Skis:  Let the Flakes Fly!

As the headquarters for winter sports gear and cross-country/Nordic skis in Hamilton, Adventure Attic has everything you need to gear-up and hit the trail. We offer a wide selection of Fischer high-performance skis, Swix ski poles, Faber snowshoes, and much more.


Yes, we can also mount, adjust, and tune your cross-country skis to ensure your safety and manoeuvrability. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


We have cross-country skis/Nordic ski and related gear available so you can take part in wintertime activities. We also have a selection of winter sports apparel to help you stay warm all season long.

Our Winter Sports Gear

Looking forward to an adventurous winter? We’ve got all the sports gear you need to make that possible. Our selection includes:

Cross-country Skis


  • Fischer Sporty Crown

  • Fischer Fibre Crown

  • Fischer Country Crown Ridge

  • Fischer Apollo

  • Fischer Twin Skin Power

Cross-country Ski Boots


  • Fischer XC Comfort

  • Fischer XC Pro

  • Fischer XC Touring



  • Fischer Tour

  • Fischer Control

Ice Cleats and Crampons


  • Korkers Ice Commuter

  • Korkers Ice Walker

  • Yaktrax Pro

  • Hillsound Freesteps6® Crampons

  • Hillsound Trail Crampons



  • Faber North Hiker

  • Faber North Trek

  • Faber North Lander

  • Faber North Cliff

  • Faber Mountain Pro

  • Faber North Venture

  • Algonquin Sport


Cross-country Skis

Cross-country Ski Boots


Ice Grippers


Faber Mountain Pro

For the regular hiker, this recreational snowshoe is ideal for beaten trails. Very robust, reliable, versatile and easy to use because of its partial rotation pivot system, this model is often used in commercial applications such as rental centres

Faber NorthCliff

An excellent choice for those who want a multipurpose, light and durable snowshoe. This model is well rounded for all types of terrain and snow conditions. The “WTD+” decking, with its traction wings, offers optimal grip with no weight added. The 3 position heel lifter and aluminum crampons will provide superior traction while going uphill. The free rotation pivot and its limiter make each step effortless. The binding with lightweight “Zenith” buckles increases comfort and provides great control.

Faber North Venture

Designed for recreational use, this snowshoe is as efficient on hard-packed trails as it is in off-trail conditions. The “WTD+” decking, with its traction wings, offers optimal grip with no weight added. Besides being easy to use, the binding’s cradle base and toe stopper offer great lateral control. The free rotation pivot made up of a carbon steel rod and rotation limiter, facilitate trickier manoeuvres on all types of terrain.

Faber North Hiker

For the beginner or casual hiker, this snowshoe is light and easy to use. It is mainly designed to be used on packed snow. The simplistic design gives it many advantages such as lightness, maneuverability and snow on the deck is easily shaken off. All of this without compromising the robustness. An entry level product that will offer maximum performance and pleasure to its user.

Faber North Lander

Conceived for recreational use and appreciated for its ergonomics, the “Lander” is offered in two models. The “White Lander” with its narrow lines and smaller diameter frame tubing, has reduced weight and offers a more comfortable step for women than the men’s model the “North Lander”. Both equipped with the “SP” pivot system, made up of a carbon steel rod and rotation limiter, makes walking backwards and jumping over obstacles easier. This model will make all of your excursions so much more enjoyable, no matter the snow conditions.

Traditional Snowshoes

Algonquin Sport

The sport model has two tightly fit cross-bars tenons. The tail acts as a rudder and allows the snowshoe to track in a straight line with each step. It also acts as a counter-balance, helping the foot to pivot at the toe hole and helping to discharge snow from atop the snowshoe. This model is excellent for recreational walks in all sorts of conditions. The heavy duty lacing is ideal for springtime conditions and wet snow.

Cross-Country Skis

Fischer Country Crown Ridge

Fully capable and right at home in the backcountry. Excellent climbing and gliding properties make this impressive touring ski a perfect choice on ungroomed terrain. A highly versatile allrounder that is reliable in every situation.

Fischer Fibre Crown

Experience easier skiing with the new Fibre Crown EF. A perfect choice for skiing in packed, tracked and moderate ungroomed conditions. The combination of our versatile Vario Crown waxless pattern and Efficient Forward construction provides kick and grip without perfect technique.

Fischer Sporty Crown

The Sports Crown EF is an easy to use, versatile ski, optimized for new Nordic skiers. The Premium Crown base grips and glides smoothly in a wide variety of snow conditions. Efficient Forward allows a smooth, strong, forgiving kick.

Fischer Apollo

The Apollo EF is a great choice for new or returning Nordic skiers. The reduced length sizing helps with control and maneuverability. Constructed with Efficient Forward for a solid kick without perfect technique.

Fischer Twin Skin Power

The popular Twin Skin Power EF offers a wider profile for stability in the tracks. Speed Grinding 2.0 provides an excellent base finish for glide, while the combination of Twin Skin and Efficient Forward allows for a sure, strong kick.

Cross-country Ski Boots

Fischer XC Comfort

Excellent all-around boot with a balance of comfort and technical features. Water repellent Comfort Guard insulation keeps toes warm. Moisture wicking lining and Fischer Fresh keep the interior fresh all winter. The TURNAMIC® sole setup enables good balance on the skis and safe walking off the skis.

Fischer XC Pro

The ideal boot for skiers who want to take their Nordic skiing further: XC Pro. The proven, comfortable Fischer fit, and a full lace cover to keep the snow out provide all-day comfort. The addition of Fischer Fresh helps control odors

Fischer XC Touring

Touring boot with a focus on convenience and comfort for skiers of all levels. Easy entry and lace cover ensure a comfortable, secure fit while keeping out snow. Comfort Guard water-repellent insulation in the forefoot and toe keep feet dry and warm.


Fischer Tour

The user-friendly TURNAMIC® binding for newcomers with easy exit and entry function: Tour Step-In. Tool-free setting and adjustment on the track through Clip Lock. Easy use

Fischer Control

The high-stability touring binding Control Step-In allows easy and fast tool-free adjustments of the binding position to match terrain and conditions. A redesigned flexor allows for easier step-in entry.

Ice Grippers

Korkers Ice Commuter 

This is form-fitting freedom. A revolutionary new on demand traction system that’s lightweight, durable, and easy to use. Featuring a versatile Boa® Fit system that wraps your foot from all directions, to create a fluid, dynamic fit that’s quickly adjusted on the fly and won’t budge when put to the test. The Ice Walker model is designed to fit most standard sized shoes. If you sense they're bulky, size up.

Korkers Ice Walker

Boa® Fit: Dial in the perfect fit and adjust on the fly when needed. The Boa® L6 Fit system wraps from all angles to create a fluid, form-fit and is designed to work best on low-to-mid volume running shoes.

Yaktrax Pro

The Yaktrax Pro will instantly give you better traction, confidence and safety on packed snow or ice. Walk, run, or work on slick surfaces with the same stability you're accustomed to on dry surfaces. Don't let the winter weather put a damper on your outdoor activities or athletic training with the Yaktrax Pro!

Hillsound Freesteps6® Crampon

The redesigned FreeSteps6® offers durable, ultra-light traction performance to those needing a simple anti-slip aid for outdoor activities. FreeSteps6 provides excellent grip if you are winter walking, ice fishing on a frozen lake, working your way through muddy trail sections, manoeuvring slippery rocks while fly fishing (river wading), or simply shoveling an icy driveway - these crampons / ice cleats will give you the confidence to move around in slippery conditions. 

Hillsound Trail Crampons

Whether you are day-hiking or backpacking in the front or backcountry - the Trail Crampon is a solid choice of crampons for superior traction on icy (e.g. frozen lakes, river or canyons), snow packed or muddy trails. Tested on the trails of the Himalayas, the Trail Crampon is guaranteed to handle diverse winter terrain and weather conditions. Utilizing an ergonomic plate system, these cleats provide excellent traction, reduces muscular fatigue and gives you confidence for your winter wilderness pursuits. 

Let Go in the Snow

Enjoy winter to the maximum and let your adventurous soul fly with our winter sports gear!

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